FT2016 – session track K

New materials and processes I
Advanced Manufacturing Processes
Chair: Vijay Sharan

K1: Analysis of superplastic forming process applied to aerospace industry: Case study of AL 5083 alloy.
Daniel Pereira, Institute for Technological Research

K2: Keyhole laser process for welding Titanium alloy: modelling and experiment.
Josefine Svenungsson, University West

K3: Numerical modeling of Weld Hot Crack Nucleation in Nickel- Based Super-alloys.
Joar Draxler; Luleå University of Technology

K4: Microstructure variations in Ti-6Al-4V manufactured with different additive manufacturing processes.
M N; Luleå University of Technology/GKN-Aerospace

New materials and processes III
Metal Alloys
Chair: Robert Lundberg

K5: Not presented – Not available

K6: Prediction of damage and fracture during forming simulations in Alloy 718.
Lluís Pérez Caro, Swerea IVF

K7: Not presented – Not available

New materials and processes V
Manufacturing Methods
Chair: Tomas Ireman

K8: Systematic redesign of manufacturing systems for aerospace.
Johan Vallhagen, GKN Aerospace Engine Systems

K9: Future-oriented dimensional management and production engineering metrology.
Richard Lindqvist, Saab AB

K10: Assessing form error through simulation platforms.
Anders Forslund, Chalmers University of Technology

New materials and processes VII
Engine Materials
Chair: Anders Blom

K11: The effect of microstructure and defects on mechanical properties of Ti6Al4V welds produced by different processes.
Sakari Tolvanen, Chalmers University of Technology

K12: Testing procedures for the evaluation of strain age cracking in nickel based superalloys.
Fabian Hanning. Chalmers University of Technology

K13: Hot Cracking in Nickel-Based Superalloys.
Sukhdeep Singh, Chalmers University of Technology


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