FT2016 – session track L

New materials and processes II
Composite Structures
Chair: Hans Ansell

L1: Static and fatigue failure of bolted joints in hybrid composite-aluminium aircraft structures.
Zlatan Kapidzic, Saab AB

L2: Methodology for fatigue damage prediction in NCF composites for applications in aircraft engines.
Andrejs Pupurs, Lulea University of Technology

L3: Low Cost Manufacturing and Assembly of Composite and Hybrid Structures.
Magnus Engström, SAAB AB

L4: Damage tolerance of composite sandwich structures with thick face sheets.
Moeen Rajput, KTH Royal Institute of Technology

New materials and processes IV
Composites 1
Chair: Tonny Nyman

L5: Effect of in-plane and out-of-plane waviness on the compressive strength of UD NCF-reinforced composites.
Leif Asp, Chalmers University of Technology

L6: Damage and Failure Prediction of Composite Rotorcraft blades under combined Bending-Torsion Loading.
Sylvain Langlo, State University of Campinas

L7: Effects of radius thinning on shape distortions of a composite beam.
Jens Sjölander, KTH

New materials and processes VI
Composites 2
Chair: Tonny Nyman 

L8: Assessment of fiber me­tal laminate panels reinforced with metallic pins deposited by welding.
Americo Scotti, Federal University of Uberlandia

L9: Prediction of postcure residual stresses and distortions in the fabrication of composite structures.
Alfredo Faria, ITA

New materials and processes VIII
Additive Manufacturing
Chair: Richard Lindqvist

L11: Influence of Process Parameters on Microstructure using Laser Metal Powder Deposition.
Andreas Segerstark, University West

L12: A review of selective laser melting – Process parameters and its influence on microstructure, defects and strength in superalloy Alloy 718.
Tahira Raza, University West

L13: Additive Manufacturing in Sweden and its Application in the Space Industry.
Christo Dordlofva, Luleå University /GKN Aerospace


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