FT2016 – session track C

Sub-system and system technology II
EWS, Radar Development
Chair: Odd Romell

C1: Spiral Development of Radar and Electronic Warfare RF Sensors – It’s about Critical Mass.
Fredrik Wising, Saab AB

C2: Pushing the envelope with Gallium Nitride technology.
Johan Carlert, Saab AB

C3: What’s inside the building?
Patrik Dammert, Saab AB

C4: Iterative Change Detection Algorithm for Low-Frequency UWB SAR.
Renato Machado, UFSM

Aircraft and spacecraft system analysis III
Future Combat Air Systems
Chair: Roger Larsson

C5: Exploration of Future Combat Air System in a 2040 perspective.
Stefan Andersson, Saab AB

C6: How to integrate and validate disruptive technologies within Future Combat Air System.
Peter Furenbäck, Saab AB

C7: Artificial Bandits and Wingmen – A Framework for FCAS Scenario Analysis.
Henrique Marques, Aeronautics Institute of Technology

Aircraft and spacecraft system analysis VII
Simulation 1
Chair: Björn Kullberg

C8: Tool Support for Credibility Assessment of Aircraft System Simulators.
Magnus Eek, Saab AB

C9: Experimental Evaluation of a Robotic Flight Simulator based on FOQA.
Diego Arjoni, ITA-Instituto Tecnológico de Aeronáutica

C10: Not presented – Not available

Aircraft and spacecraft system analysis XI
Simulation 2. Auto Landing System
Chair: Odd Romell

C11: Grey-box Modelling of a Quadrotor Using Closed-loop Data.
Marcus Bäck, Saab AB

C12: Formal Modeling of Run-Time Reconfigurable SoCs for Fault Tolerance Avionics Applications.
Ingo Sander, KTH Royal Institute of Technology

C13: Longitudinal automatic landing system using robust QFT controller for a military aircraft.
Adriellen Sousa, IFSC


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