FT2019 – Session track H

Session H1-H3: Composites
Chair: Hannes Wemming

Post-Buckling analysis in thin-web laminated composite beams.
B. Luiza Nolli, Federal University of Minas Gerais, Brazil
H1_FT2019_Bruna Nolli et al

H2| Failure induced by instability in structural composites under longitudinal compression.
A. Faria, ITA, Brazil
H2_FT2019_Alfredo Faria et al

H3| Factors affecting static failure of bolted joints in hybrid composite-aluminium aircraft structure.
H. Wemming, Saab AB
H3_FT2019_Hannes Wemming

Session H4-H7: Aircraft and Spacecraft System Analysis
Chair: Håkan Seipel

Multi-Agent Multi-Objective Deep Reinforcement Learning for Efficient and Effective Pilot Training.
J. Källström, Saab AB/LiU
H4_FT2019_Johan Källstrom et al

H5| Loss of Control in Flight: the accident characterized under quantitative and operational optics.
J. Bidinotto, University of São Paulo, Brazil
H5_FT2019_Jorge_Bidinotto et al

H6| HUMAER: A Test-Bed Environment for Human Factors Investigations in the Aeronautic Domain.
Wesley R. de Oliviera, ITA, Brazil
H6_FT2019_Wesley Oliveira

H7| Operational Risk: Implementing Open Norms.
P. Ulfvengren, KTH
H7_FT2019_ Pernilla Ulfvengren et al

Session H8-H10: Major cooperative projects
Chair: Anders Blom

H8| A testbed for space system testing in northern Sweden.
O. Norberg, LTU
H8_FT2019_Olle Norberg et al

H9| Academia and Industry Collaboration as a Driver for Competitiveness: the Case of the Graduate School of Space Technology.
M-L. Antti, LTU
H9_FT2019_ Marta-Lena Antti et al

H10| Towards a future design of Swedish national airspace: a review of the current airspace limitations.
M. Wall, LFV
H10_FT2019_Martin Wall

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