FT2016 – session track E

Aircraft and spacecraft system analysis I
Airframe Modelling
Chair: Anders Blom

E1: Aircraft Concepts Modelling with Subdivision Surfaces.
Christopher Jouannet, Saab AB

E2: Time Domain Dynamic Simulations of Locally Nonlinear Large-Scale System.
Andreas Linderholt, Linnaeus University

E3: Inverse simulation applied to an aeroelastic aircraft.
Euler Goncalves Barbosa, Condax Tecnologia

E4: Derivation of world largest KI-data base for twin cracks at countersunk holes.
Börje Andersson, Private company BARE

Sub-system and system technology V
Engine Research and Development
Chair: Mårten Staaf

E5: Methods to account for the effect of water and ice ingestion on compressor performance.
Lars Ellbrant, GKN Aerospace

E6: Autonomous powering of wireless sensors for gas turbine applications.
Peter Enoksson, Chalmers

E7: An approach to support robust design and identify producibility parameters for jet engine components.
Johan Vallhagen, GKN Aerospace

Sub-system and system technology VII
Navigation, Tracking
Chair: Roger Larsson

E8: Inertial-Vision Navigation with Support from a Flat Terrain Map.
Zoran Sjanic, Saab AB

E9: Real Time Embedded Image Processing System for Autonomous Unmanned Aerial Vehicles.
Edison Pignaton De Freitas, Federal University of Rio Grande do Sul

E10: Not presented – Not available

Sub-system and system technology IX
ISR and Space Systems
Chair: Lasse Karlsen

E11: RAAISR: intelligent ISR data node in the sky.
Bob Moll, Spacemetric B.V.

E12: Opportunity Concepts of Aerospace Testing at Esrange Space Center.
Gunnar Florin, SSC

E13: Not presented – Not available


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