FT2019 – Session track B

Session B1-B3: Environmentally friendly technology
Chair: Bengt Moberg

B1| Split system dilemma – growth and noise in aviation.
I. Runebjörk, P. Ulfvengen, KTH
B1_FT2019_ Pernilla Ulfvengren, Isabel Runebjörk m fl

B2| Global Watch Center – monitoring Earth’s health for the benefit of all.
T. Roos, SSC
B2_FT2019_Tobias Roos

B3| Automation for Separation with CDOs: Dynamic Aircraft Arrival Routes.
V. Polishchuk, LiU
B3_FT2019_Valentin Polishchuk et al

Session B4-B7: Environmentally friendly technology
Chair: Dan Henningson

B4| Aerodynamic Performance of Natural Laminar Flow Airfoils Applied to Low- and High-Speed Wings.
Ramon Lopez Pereira, Uni. Europea de Madrid, Spain
B4_FT2019_Ramon Lopez Pereira

B5| Transition in a swept-boundary layer subject to surface roughness and free-stream turbulence.
L. De Vincentiis, KTH
B5_FT2019_Luca De Vincentiis et al

B6| High-Fidelity simulations of the Unsteady Response of a Natural Laminar Flow Airfoil.
P. Negri, KTH
B6_FT2019_Prabal Negi et al

B7| Computational Aerodynamics and Aero-acoustics of Highly-Heated Rectangular Supersonic Jets.
M. Mihaescu, Linné FLOW Centre
B7_FT2019_Mihai Mihaescu et al

Session B8-B10: Environmentally friendly technology
Chair: Bengt Moberg

B8| Small Aircraft Revolution.
N. Anderberg & K. Sillén, Blackwing Sweden AB
B8_FT2019_Kurt Sillén o Philip Månsson

B9| Flight Tests of Fuel Saving Formation Flight in General Aviation.
T. Melin, Svenska Flygtekniska Institutet
B9_FT2019_Tomas Melin

B10| Design of Electric Propelled Aircraft.
E. Bauzer Medeiros, Centro de Estudos Aeronauticos UFMG, Brazil
B10_FT2019_Eduardo Bauzer Medeiros

Session B11-B13: Environmentally friendly technology
Chair: Mats Åbom

B11| Assessment Of A Simplified Environmental Model For Aircraft Noise Prediction.
I. Karasalo, KTH

B12| Understanding Loudness variations due to Landing procedures at Arlanda.
A. Johansson, KTH
B12_FT2019_Anders Johansson

B13| Aircraft noise simulation with the SAFT-program.
U. Tengzelius, CIT
B13_FT2019_Ulf Tengzelius

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