FT2019 – Session track J

Session J1-J3: Subsystem and system analysis
Chair: Odd Romell

J1| Developing Predictable Time-Sensitive Distributed Avionics Systems.
M. Ashjaei, Mälardalen University

J2| Experiences from Applying an Ontology in Hazard Analysis of Autonomous System of Systems.
M. Adach, Mälardalen University
J2_FT2019_Malina_Adach et al

J3| Assurance Strategy for New Computing Platforms in Safety-Critical Avionics.
H. Forsberg, Mälardalen University
J3_FT2019_Hakan_Forsberg et al

Session J4-J6: Subsystem and system analysis
Chair: Louise Fischer

J4| Triple Modular Redundancy based on Runtime Reconfiguration and Formal Models of Computation.
R. Bonna, UNICAMP, Brazil
J4_FT2019_Ricardo Bonna et al

J5| Lempel–Ziv–Markov Chain Algorithm Modeling using Models of Computation and ForSyDe.
R. Bonna, UNICAMP, Brazil
J5_FT2019_Ricardo Bonna et al

J6| Considerations on Domain-Specific Architectures Applicability in Future Avionics Systems.
D. Loubach, ITA, Brazil
J6_FT2019_Denis_Loubach et al

Session J11-J13: Sub-system and system analysis
Chair:  Louise Fischer

J11| Applying Constraint Programming for Design Space Exploration in Avionics.
R. Jordao, KTH
J11_FT2019_Rodolfo Jordao et al

J12| Languages and Tools for Formal Design of Cyber-Physical Systems.
I. Sander, KTH
J12_FT2019_George Ungureanu et al

J13| Formal High-Level Model of a Radar Signal Processing System.
G. Ungureanu, KTH
J13_FT2019_George Ungureanu et al

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