FT2019 – Session track L

Session L1-L3: Aircraft and spacecraft technology/Experimental
Chair: Mats-Olof Olsson

L1| Studies of a Pitch-Moment CHUTE for the GRIPEN 39 E/F.
K. Fersan, Saab AB
L1_FT2019_Krister Fersan

L2| Transonic Flutter for a Generic Fighter Configuration, the KTH-NASA Wind-Tunnel Model.
A. Bååthe, Saab AB
L2_FT2019_Axel Baathe

L3| Numerical and experimental investigations of laminar-turbulent transition over an airfoil.
P. Morra, KTH/LinnéFLOW Centre
L3_FT2019_Pierluigi Morra et al

Session L4-L7: Aircraft and spacecraft technology
Chair: Mats-Olof Olsson

Passive and Active Countermeasure Aerodynamics.
M. Tormalm, FOI

L5| Modeling, Simulation and Control of an aircraft with morphing wing.
C. E. de Souza, Universidade Federal de Santa Maria, Brazil
L5_FT2019_Carlos E de Souza et al

L6| Method for the Implementation of Industry 4.0: Aircraft final assembly domain.
A. Leite Junior, ITA, Brazil

L7| Detailed Analysis of Separated Flow in Space Nozzles During Startup.
N. Andersson, Chalmers

Session L8-L10: Operational availability, maintenance and support
Chair: Olov Candell

L8| Prescriptive Maintenance: Building Alternative Plans for Smart Operations.
H. Marques, ITA, Brazil
L8_FT2019_Henrique Marques et al

L9| Enterprise Modeling for Dynamic Matching of Tactical Needs and Aircraft Maintenance Capabilities.
E. Olsson, Saab AB
L9_FT2019_Ella Olsson et al

L10| Air vehicle Digital Twins – enabling interaction between physical and virtual spaces.
O. Candell, Saab AB
L10_FT2019_ Olov Candell et al

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