Louise Fischer på slottet

Louise Fischer, som är medlem i FTF styrelse, har deltagit i en kurs i Value-based Leadership arrangerad av Konungens Stiftelse för Ungt Ledarskap. Kursen avslutades med diplomutdelning på slottet. Läs här vad Louise skrivit på LinkedIn.

A few days ago, I was invited to the castle in Stockholm to receive my diploma from the King Carl XVI Gustaf of Sweden for my participation in the course Value-based Leadership.

These last few months, I have seen that leadership is about seeing others, having the courage to be vulnerable, and being open to development. I have learned more about my values, what they mean to me, and how I can use them in my leadership. We have discussed norms, diversity, health, goals, feedback, failures and so much more.

And from this I take with me that leadership is not just leading others; you also have to lead yourself.

I would like to thank my mentor, Pia Lanneberg, for sharing her thoughts and knowledge with me. From Pia, I have learned so much and I’m grateful for our talks. She will continue to be an inspiration for me.

I would also like to thank my group tutor for the course Pavel Stanev, and my fanatic group: Marie LarssonFelix JeppssonSohaila Hani Hammar, Umed Sultanov and Gustav Thunberg. Thanks to Scouterna and Konungens Stiftelse Ungt Ledarskap for arranging the course.

Photo by: Magnus Fröderberg & Natalie Malic

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