Trollhättan – 2019-02-12 – Chris Gear, The history and development of GKN Aerospace

Flyg- och rymdtekniska föreningen inbjuder till föredrag.

Tid: kl 17:00
Datum: 12 februari
Plats: Utställningshallen Malöga, GKN Aerospace, Trollhättan

Christopher (Chris) Gear
MSc, C.Eng, FRAeS Chief Technology Officer, GKN Fellow

Chris presentation will discuss where did GKN Aerospace come from and how over the last 24 years it has become a major supplier in the Aerospace industry. It will look at our roots and investigate in detail A350 Rear Spar and Assembly Programme, one of the largest engineering programmes delivered by GKN Aerospace. It took over a 1,000,000 Engineering hours to develop the product definitions, design the tooling and certify the largest one piece carbon part made by GKN today.

Anmälan om deltagande görs senast den 10:e februari,
helst med e-post till alternativt telefon 0520-29 25 49 Per Widström eller
0520-29 13 21 Anders Lundbladh.


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