FT2016 – session track H

Aircraft and spacecraft technology II
Intake Design and Analysis
Chair: Tomas Melin

H1: Integrated Duct Aerodynamics.
Elias Siggeirsson, Chalmers University of Technology

H2: Aerodynamic analysis of the influence of canopy shape in the supersonic dorsal intake design.
Fernando Martini Catalano, Uni­versity of São Paulo

H3: Experimental Aerodynamic Analysis of a Fighter Aircraft with a Canard, Forward Swept Wing and Dorsal Intake operating at high incidences.
Fernando Catalano, University of Säo Paulo

H4: Hybrid RANS-LES simulations for prediction of inlet distortion on the Gripen E fighter.
Sebastian Arvidson, Saab Aeronautics/Chalmers

Aircraft and spacecraft technology V
Aerodynamic Modelling, CFD
Chair: Hans Mårtensson

H5: Zonal hybrid RANS-LES modeling using a Low-Reynolds- Number k − ω approach.
Sebastian Arvidson, Saab AB/Chalmers
Presentation not available 

H6: Not presented – Not available

H7: Modal Analysis of Separated Nozzle Flow.
Ragnar Lárusson, Chalmers University of Technology

Aircraft and spacecraft technology VIII
Propulsion Technology 2
Chair: Tomas Melin

H8: An Overview of the MOTSTRÖM Project: Motståndsminskning för Strömningsytor i Kompressor.
Bengt Fallenius, KTH Mechanics

H9: Not presented – Not available

H10: An optimization platform for high speed propellers.
Alexandre Capitao Patrao, Chalmers University of Technology

Aircraft and spacecraft technology XI
Weapons Integration. Man-Machine Interface
Chair: Christina Ahremark

H11: Nonlinear aeroelastic analysis of fighter-like aircraft with external stores.
Anders Karlsson, Saab AB

H12: Cost and Time Efficient Gripen Weapon Integration.
Gideon Singer, Saab AB

H13: Not presented – Not available


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