FT2019 – Session track I

Session I1-I3: Subsystem and system analysis
Chair: Emil Vinterhav

Space Environment Qualification as a Service – Commencing a new era of the New Space Industry.
E. Vinterhav, PASQ AB
I1_FT2019_Emil Vinterhav

I2| GPS denied navigation for airborne vehicles.
F. Andersson, Saab AB/LiU
I2_FT2019_Fredrik Andersson

I3| Detection of Camouflaged Vehicles for VHF-band SAR Based on Regression Models.
R. Machado, ITA, Brazil
I3_FT2019_Renato_Machado et al

Session I4-I7: Subsystem and system analysis
Chair: Odd Romell

I4| Operator tracking for fighter pilots: review of sensing technologies for flexible cockpit automation.
M. Bång, LiU
I4_FT2019_Magnus Bång

I5| Initial Flight Simulation Testing of a Gesture-based interface for flight controls.
E. Villani, ITA, Brazil
I5_FT2019_Emilia Villani et al

I6| A Human Factors Approach to Self-Explanatory Automation for Fighter Aircraft.
J. Bergsten, Saab AB
I6_FT2019_Johan Bergsten et al

I7| Human decision-making model for a single pilot operation.
L. Gonzaga Trabasso, ITA, Brazil
I7_Luis Gonzaga Trabasso et al

Session I8-I10: Sub-system and system analysis
Chair: Odd Romell

A discrete optimisation approach to scheduling of an integrated modular avionic system.
E. Karlsson, LiU/Saab AB
I8_FT2019_Emil Karlsson et al

I9| Additive Manufacturing in Airborne Sensor System.
M. Blennius, Saab AB
I9_FT2019_Martin Blennius

I10| Fibre Optic Acquisition Systems based on Fibre Bragg Gratings (FBG) – Applied to Over-heat detection for Commercial Aircraft.
A. Gustafsson, Saab AB

Session I11-I13: Sub-system and system analysis
Chair: Alessandro Dell’Amico

Challenges on the development of a digital hydraulic actuator for primary flight control surfaces.
V. J. De Negri, Federal University of Santa Catarina, Brazil
I11_FT2019_Victor J De Negri et al

I12| Design and Control of the Digital Hydraulic Actuator for force-controlled flight control actuation.
A. Dell’Amico, Saab AB/LiU
I12_FT2019_ Alssandro DellAmico

I13| Aerospace electric generator specification and selection – opportunities and challenges.
A. Reinap, Lund University
I13_FT2019_Avo Reinap

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