FT2019 Plenary Presentations

Saab’s perspectives on future needs in the Aeronautics industry
Lisa Åbom, Chief Technology Officer Saab Aeronautics
FT2019-Plenary_Saab-Lisa Åbom

GKN Technology contribution towards sustainable aviation
Henrik Runnemalm, Director R&T – GKN Aerospace Engine Systems
FT2019-Plenary_GKN-Henrik Runnemalm

Adapting to Survive: Aviation’s existential challenge to sustain its role in a net-zero carbon future
Ron van Manen, Clean Sky Programme Manager
FT2019-Plenary_Clean Sky -Ron van Manen

An investment in Space is ultimately an investment on the earth
Anna Rathsman, Director General, Swedish National Space Agency
FT2019-Plenary_SNSA-Anna Rathsman

Innovation, development and operational demands – The Swedish Air Force perspective
Mats Helgesson, Former Chief of the Swedish Air Force
FT2019-Plenary_SwedAF- MajGen Mats Helgesson

French perspective on Future Combat Air Systems
Olivier Borde, Deputy FCAS Lead, DGA, France
FT2019-Plenary_FCAS- Olivier Borde

LuFo – German Aeronautical Research Programme
Jan Bode, LuFo Programme Manager, DLR/BMWi, Germany
FT2019-Plenary_LuFo-Jan Bode

Supersonic Transport: from the Tu-144 to the New Generation
Sergey Chernyshev, Chief Scientific Officer TsAGI, Russia
FT2019-Plenary_TsAGI- Sergey Chernyshev

Technology impacts on community noise and carbon footprints of subsonic transports
Fay Collier, Associate Director, Flight Strategy, NASA, USA
FT2019-Plenary_NASA-Fay Collier

Fast and energy efficient production and repair of high quality aircraft composite parts
Tobias Björnhov, CEO at Corebon
FT2019-Plenary_Corebon-Tobias Björnhov

SARC – a National Aeronautics Network
Dan Henningson, Director SARC – Swedish Aeronautical Research Centre
FT2019-Plenary_SARC- Dan Henningsson

Aviation – a Journey to 2050
Mathias Bertrand, Manager Future Projects Office, Airbus
FT2019-Plenary_AIRBUS-Mathias Bertrand1

Open Rotor Engines – Architectures & Full Scale Demonstrator By Safran
Arnaud Lebrun, Chief Engineer, Next Generation Propulsion – Safran, France
FT2019-Plenary_Safran-Arnaud Lebrun

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