FT2019 – Session track C

Session C1-C3: Structures/Structures Loads
Chair: Oscar Wallentin

C1| Wind Tunnel Test with Pressure Sensitive Paint (PSP) in the aircraft structural load definition.
O. Wallentin, Saab AB
C1_FT2019_Oscar Wallentin

C2| Active and passive Load alleviation design possibilities and considerations on a fighter A/C.
B. Mexnell, Saab AB
C2_FT2019_Bengt Mexnell

C3| Load registration system on the multi-roll A/C Gripen – in the past, now and future possibilities.
I. Östling, Saab AB
C3_FT2019_Lars Östling_Public

Session C4-C7: Structural Testing
Chair: Zlatan Kapidzic

 C4| Verification and validation of calculated structural loads with flight test.
M. Wallin, Saab AB

C5| Structural component testing of Gripen E/F.
M. Ekström, Saab AB

C6| Full Scale Structural testing of Gripen E/F.
C. Altkvist & M. Ekström; Saab AB

C7| Bird Strike Testing of the Saab JAS 39 Gripen E.
P. Årebo, Saab AB/Etteplan

Session C8-C10: Structural Dynamics
Chair: Lasse Karlsen

C8| FE-model update concerning dynamic properties after GVT of a Gripen E test aircraft.
E. Holmberg, Saab AB

C9| Modal analysis of a bi-dimensional tensegrity structure subject to large deformations.
P. Kurka, UNICAMP, Brazil
C9_FT2019_Paulo Kurka et al

C10| Ground Vibration Testing of the Gripen E Fighter Aircraft.
P. Gustafsson, Saab AB

Session C11-C13: Structural testing
Chair: Christina Altkvist

Fatigue crack growth and failure in components made of AA2050 and AA7050 alloys.
Z. Kapidzic, Saab AB
C11_FT2019_Zlatan Kapidzic

C12| Effect of Surface Phenomenon and Defects on Fatigue Life in Electron Beam Melted Ti-6Al-4V.
V. Sandell, LTU

C13| Static failure in components made of AA2050 and AA7050 alloys.
R. Rentmeester, Saab AB
C13_FT2019_Rikard Rentmeester

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