FT2019 – Session track D

Session D1-D3: Materials/Additive Manufacturing
Chair: Vijay Sharan

D1| Heat affected zone cracking in different heat treated conditions of selective laser melted Alloy 718 subjected to gas tungsten arc welding.
T. Raza, HV
D1_FT2019_Tahira Raza

D2| Microstructural characterization of chessboard pattern in selective laser melted Ti-6Al-4V.
M. Neikter, LTU

D3| Heat Treatment of AM parts by Hot Isostatic Pressing.
J. Shipley, Quintus AB

Session D4-D6: Materials/Composites
Chair: Tomas Ireman

D4| A comparative study on aging of high temperature polymer composites reinforced by carbon fibre thin-plies and satin weaves.
P. Fernberg, LTU

D5| Development of Three-dimensionally Heat Conducting Carbon Composites.
N. Khokar, Fureho AB
D5_FT2019_Nandan Khokar et al

D6| Reliable strength assessments of aeroengine components made from textile composites.
L. E. Asp, Chalmers

Session D8-D10: Materials/Additive Materials, Welding & Forming
Chair: Vijay Sharan

D8| Modeling and Simulation of Heat-Affected Zone Liquation Cracking in Alloy 718.
J. Draxler, LTU
D8_FT2019_Joar Draxler

D9| Weld-Cracking in a Cast Ni-based Superalloy.
S. Singh, Chalmers
D9_FT2019_Sukhdeep Singh et al

D10| Formability of Titanium Ti-6Al-4V sheets at low temperature.
S. Olsson, Quintus AB
D10_FT2019_Sture Olsson

Session D11-D12: Materials/Composites
Chair: Tomas Ireman

Multi-layered Thermal Barrier Coatings processed by Suspension Plasma Spraying.
P. Nylen, University West
D11_FT2019_Per Nylén

D12| Working on Venus – a Project on Extreme Environment Electronics.
C-M. Zetterling, KTH
D12_FT2019_Carl-Mikael Zetterling

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