FT2019 – Session track K

Session K1-K3: Engines
Chair: Lasse Karlsen

Heat Transfer Measurements with Methane in Rocket Nozzle Cooling Channels.
J. Fridh, KTH
K1_FT2019_Jens_Fridh et al

K2| Intentional mistuning effects on the forced response of a compressor blisk.
Gutierrez Salas, KTH
K2_FT2019_Mauricio Gutierrez Salas et al

K3| Experimental aero- and thermal investigation for a next generation engine exit module.
I. Jonsson, Chalmers

Session K4-K7: Aircraft and spacecraft technology
Chair: Anders Gustafsson

K4| NFFP7 – Industrialization of CFD methods for improved predictions of complex aeronautical flows.
S. Arvidson, Saab AB/Chalmers
K4_FT2019_Sebastian Arvidson

K5| CFD as a tool for verification of intake/ engine compatibility.
T. Kekesi, Saab AB
K5_FT2019_Timea Kekesi et al

K6| Turbulence control on a NACA4412 wing section assessed through high-fidelity simulations.
F. Mallor, Linné FLOW Centre/KTH
K6_FT2019_Fermin Mallor et al

K7| Unsteady aerodynamics modeling and simulation of a forward-swept-wing sailplane.
C. E. de Souza, Universidade Federal de Santa Maria, Brazil
K7_FT2019_Carlos_e_deSouza et al

Session K8-K10: Engines/Design
Chair: Svjetlana Stekovic

K8| Design for Fabrication of Turbofan Engine Structures.
J. Madrid, Chalmers

K9| Virtual demonstrator platform for future propulsion technology.
T. Grönstedt, Chalmers
K9_FT2019_Tomas Grönstedt et al

K10| Higher fidelity CFD of compressor duct bleed system.
E. Siggeirsson, Chalmers
K10_FT2019_Elias Siggeirsson

Session K11-K13: Engines
Chair: Robert Lundberg

K11| Experimental aerodynamic investigation of powered nacelles for high bypass turbofan engines.
V. Tavares Silva, Chalmers
K11_FT2019_Vinicius Tavarez Silva et al

K12| Development of Design Supports for Functionally Integrated Aero-Engine Structures.
V. Raja, GKN/Chalmers
K12_FT2019_Visakha Raja

K13| Development of the Next Generation Civil Tiltrotor.
P. Dobszai, Altair Nordics

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