FT2019 – Session track A

Session A1-A3: Synergies between aeronautics and space
Chair: Anders Blom

A1| Possible synergies between Aeronautics and Aerospace.
Ch. Fuglesang, former astronaut and present consultant to Saab
A1A_FT2019_Christer Fuglesang

Brazilian views on these synergies.
E. Vilani, ITA, Brazil
A1B_FT2019_Emilia Villani

A2+A3| Panel discussion on synergies between aeronautics and astronautics. Aspects from large industries, SME:s, Universities and the Armed Forces.
Panel: H. Runnemalm, GKN; O. Isaksson, Chalmers; A. Öhrwall Rönnbäck, LTU; M-L Antti, LTU; T. Grönstedt, SARC; G. Berlemo, ACS and others

Session A4-A7: Major cooperative projects
Chair: Anders Blom

A4| T-X, Saab and Boeing cooperation on the new Advanced Pilot Training System.
T. Karlsson, Saab AB
A4_FT2019_Tomas Karlsson

A5| Swedish-Brazilian Cooperation in Aeronautics in Santa Catarina State, Brazil.
V. J. De Negri, Federal University of Santa Catarina, Brazil
A5_FT2019_Victor J De Negri et al

A6| Airborne Advanced Vision and Awareness functions developed and demonstrated in the framework of Clean Sky 2.
A. Peattie, Saab AB
A6_FT2019_Amanda Peatti

A7| Enabling Remotely Piloted Aircraft System (RPAS) Traffic Insertion by Automatic Contingency and Emergency Management in case of Command and Control Data Link Loss.
T. Erlandsson, Saab AB

Session A8-A10: Major cooperative projects
Chair: Robert Lundberg

A8| Invited keynote lecture.
Technology for a sustainable future for aerospace
Simon Weeks, ATI, UK
A8_FT2019_ Simon Weeks_ ATI v2

A9| GKN Aerospace involvement the Clean Sky-2 engine demonstrators.
F. Wallin, GKN
A9_FT2019_Fredrik Wallin et al

A10| Future fighter engine requirements and technologies.
R. Avellán, GKN

Session A11-A13: Major cooperative projects
Chair: Petter Krus

A11| Analysis of the Impact of the Conclusion of the Collaborative Professional Master’s program on Embraer and ITA.
P. Lourencao, Embraer, Brazil
A11_FT2019_Paulo Lourencao

A12| ULTIMATE – a Chalmers led European effort for ultra-efficient propulsion.
T. Grönstedt, Chalmers
A12_FT2019_Tomas Grönstedt

A13| Meshing and CFD strategies for large scale turboprop WT model integrating morphing high-lift devices.
S. Wallin, KTH
A13_FT2019_Stefan Wallin et al

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