FT2019 – Session track G

Session G1-G3: Aircraft and Spacecraft System Analysis
Chair: Björn Jonsson

A Requirements Engineering-based Approach for Defining a System Modification Process during Aircraft Operation.
W. Resende, ITA, Brazil
G1_FT2019_Washington Resende et al

G2| Modeling and identification of a UAV with a flexible wing.
L. C. Góes, ITA, Brazil
G2_FT2019_Luis Carlos Góes

G3| Reexamining linear causal inferences using safety and reliability metrics.
M. Stogsdill, KTH
G3_FT2019_Matthew Stogsdill

Session G4-G7: Aircraft and Spacecraft System Analysis
Chair: Roger Larsson

Equations of State in Modelling Fighter Aircraft Oleo-Pneumatic Shock Absorber.
A. Heininen, Tampere University, Finland
G4_FT2019_Arttu Heininen et al

G5| Design and Integration of a Low Observable Engine Intake and Outlet for the MULDICON Platform.
H. Edefur, FOI
G5_FT2019_Henrik Edefur et al

G6| Flying TeD, a flying technology demonstrator for the future!
R. Larsson, Saab AB
G6_FT2019_Roger Larsson et al

G7| An open-source application for subscale flight test analytics and system identification.
A. Sobron, LiU
G7_FT2019_Alejandro_Sobron et al

Session G8-G10: Aircraft and Spacecraft System Analysis/System of systems
Chair: Christopher Jouannet

Ontological Approach to System of Systems Engineering in Product Development.
L. Franzén, LiU
G8_FT2019_Ludvig Knoos Franzen et al

G9| System-of-System Engineering, Overview of research activities within the NFFP cluster. Overall Design and System Integration.
C. Jouannet, Saab AB
G9_FT2019_Christoper Jouannet

G10| Towards a Multi-Level, Multi-Disciplinary, and Multi-Fidelity Framework for Evaluating the System of Systems, Constituent Systems, and Sub-Systems Design Spaces during the Conceptual Development of Aerial Vehicles.
A. Papageorgiou, LiU
G10_FT2019_Athanasios Papageorgiou

Session G11-G13: Aircraft and Spacecraft System Analysis
Chair: Emil Vinterhav

Algebraic Modeling of Continuous Time Systems.
J. E. G. de Medeiros, University of Brasília, Brazil
G11_FT2019_Jose Medeiros

G12| APEX – An ESA-CubeSat enabling new science in the exploration of the Solar system.
E. Vinterhav, V-kvadrat AB
G12_FT2019_Emil Vinterhav

G13| Towards automated design space exploration.
J. R. Müller, Chalmers
G13_FT2019_Jakob R Muller et al

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