FT2019 – Session track F

Session F1-F3: Aircraft and Spacecraft System Analysis
Chair: Håkan Seipel

F1| Establishing interoperability in aircraft system simulator development.
R. Hällqvist, Saab AB
F1_FT2019_ Robert Hällqvist et al

F2| Towards a Complete Co-Simulation Model Integration Including HMI Aspects.
J. Schminder, LiU
F2_FT2019_Jörg Schminder et al

F3| Assessment of Pilot-Aircraft Interface as a Conceptual Design Tool.
E. Villani, ITA, Brazil
F3_FT2019_Emilia Villani et al

Session F4-F7: Operational availability maintenance and support
Chair: Olle Bååthe

F4| Phase out maintenance optimization.
O. Wijk, Systecon AB

F5| Mathematical optimization of a tactical resource allocation problem for efficient capacity utilization of machining resources in aerospace component manufacturing.
S. Fotedar, Chalmers

F6| Fault detection and isolation based on bond graph models: application to an electromechanical actuator.
G. dos Santos Sobral, ITA, Brazil
F6_FT2019_Gabriel_Sobral et al

F7| Model-based Sensor Fault Detection and Reconfiguration in an Autonomous Solar-powered Aircraft.
P. Padrao, Federal University of Rio de Janeiro, Brazil
F7_FT2019_Paulo Padraoet al

Session F8-F10: Aircraft and Spacecraft System Analysis
Chair: Christina Ahremark

Single Model for Subsonic, Transonic and Supersonic Aerodynamics for Flight Simulation.
P. Krus, LiU
F8_FT2019_Petter Krus et al

F9| Zero Gravity on Parabolic Flights in Sweden.
S. Veldman, V-kvadrat AB

F10| Tactical trajectories generation using UAVs for the terrestrial displacement of mobile robots.
B. Coelho, Universidade Federal de São João del-Rei, Brazil
F10_FT2019_Bruno Coelho

Session F11-F13: Aircraft and Spacecraft System Analysis
Chair: Christina Ahremark

A MDO process applied to conceptual design of a remotely piloted aircraft.
C. E. de Souza, Federal University of Santa Maria, Brazil
F11_FT2019_Carlos_E_de_Souza et al

F12| Using UAS in Future Civil Command and Control Scenarios.
R. Granlund, RISE SICS East
F12_FT2019_Rego Granlund et al

F13| Flow control for improved aerodynamic performance of aircraft.
S-H. Peng, FOI

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